AMP was launched in 1999 to serve the professional employment needs of Stark County.

Founded with a start-up loan from her father, Vicki Stanley combined her past experience as an executive recruiter with her passion for business and created a company that was excitingly different in its outlook and approach.

Family-friendly policies like Free Roadside Assistance, Daily Instant Pay, health insurance and numerous perks and benefits allowed AMP to stay steps ahead of the industry and miles ahead of the competition.

After introducing healthcare to our staffing portfolio in 2001, specializing in locating hard-to-find professionals, we took off running and never looked back, growing steadily in size and reputation ever since. The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades..

Staff Directory

Vicki Stanley, Chief Executive Officer

David Montesano, Chief Operating Officer

Tony Montesano, Chief Financial Officer

Stefanie Fox, Office Coordinator

Tyler Burns, Office Coordinator

Cristine Mohr, Scheduling Coordinator

Mark Grosenbacher, Scheduling Coordinator

Julie McAngus, Scheduling Coordinator

Sherry Brezina, Scheduling Coordinator

Love Proctor, Scheduling Coordinator

Alan Cool, Office Coordinator

Neely Medlock, Scheduling Coordinator

Michelle Dalpra, On Call Coordinator

Misty Busko, On Call Coordinator