+- Where do you find your employees?

We meet most of our new hires from referrals from our existing field staff. We also pursue aggressive recruiting campaigns that include multi-media, advertising, recruiting parties and mobile recruiting luncheons.

+- Aren't your employees "temp"?

Don’t let the owner hear you say that word. We don’t hire temps. AMP hires people. Good People. And a good many of those people have been with us since we opened. We keep our employees happy by treating them with respect and continually offering them new opportunities.

+- What kind of background checks do you do?

Our credentialing process is vigorous and includes verification of employment history, licensure, BCI/FBI Fingerprint WebCheck, verification of innoculations and OSHA and HIPPA in-services.

+- How do you schedule your field staff?

Although our online database keeps track of our field staff’s availability, we personally call each person to confirm that something didn’t come up…like a last minute soccer practice. Then we call our client back to re-confirm the shift.  It takes a little longer, but it works like magic in cutting down on call-offs. 

+- What do you do if somebody calls off?

We know that sometimes call-offs happen and are prepared for them. We have replacements on standby, special last-minute incentives, free roadside assistance, drivers, and more. Gas cards and pay incentives are really popular as well.

+- What if we like an employee, can we request that person again?

Absolutely! We encourage it. AMP will always honor special requests by clients. Continuity is the key to a skillfully run facility. We also give bonuses to employees that receive great compliments, so feel free to pick up the phone and share that good news with us.

+- What if we really like an employee, can we hire them?

Of course you can. At AMP, we love to make good matches. We’ll structure a customized hiring plan for your facility that allows you to hire your favorite employees at a price that will make your Administrator smile.

+- How can I get started?

Call us today at 330.433.1080.  Our friendly staff is ready to help with your scheduling needs.