+- How do I apply with AMP?

You can visit our offices and enjoy fresh baked cookies while there, or you can apply on-line from home in your pajamas by clicking here…

+- How much does it cost?

AMP’s employment services are free to employees. The cookies are free as well.

+- What should I bring with me?

Please bring two forms of identification for Uncle Sam and your great attitude. To speed the application and hiring process, clinical personnel should bring their credentials (including licenses and certifications, physicals and TB documentation). As always, your kids are welcome to accompany you to our office.

+- How long does the application and orientation take?

It takes about approximately two hours to complete the application and orientation, and if you bring in all your credentials we can do everything at the same time.

+- How soon can I start work?

How soon can you get here? The sooner you begin the application process, the sooner we can get you to work. Because each office is equipped with WebCheck, the online fingerprinting system, we can usually get you to work within 24 hours after application and documentation. . 

+- Where and when can I work?

You have a lot of choices at AMP. We serve over sixty clients in fifteen counties throughout northeast Ohio. You can choose from long-term care facilities, hospitals and private duty homecare. You can choose how far you want to drive to work from home, and we’ll schedule you within that distance. You can choose what shifts you want to work, and we’ll only call you for those openings. All the choices are yours.

+- How much do I get paid?

We create customized employment offers for each new employee based on their past experience, work history and travel radius. 

+- How often do I get paid?

With AMP’s Daily Pay, you can turn in a time-card by 11 am and receive a paycheck by 3 pm the same day! You can also choose weekly pay, direct deposit, or have your check deposited directly to a global paycard.

+- Can I get a bonus for referring employees to AMP?

Absolutely! We encourage referrals and compensate our employees generously for introducing us to great people. We are delighted when one of our employees loves us so much that they bring in their friends!