AMP Solves Nursing Shortage!


We provide our healthcare community with professional staff to ensure the quality and continuity of their operation. By combining an aggressive and far-reaching recruiting strategy with the ultimate in flexibility for our clients and employees, AMP is able to recruit and retain nurses, even in the midst of a national shortage.

Our enthusiasm is contagious. We love what we do and it shows!

Nursing Professionals

Staffing Services

AMP provides supplemental staffing services for RNs, LPNs, and STNAs to healthcare facilities throughout northeast and central Ohio. We recruit and maintain a professional mobile workforce available to our clients on almost a moment’s notice.

Our clients enjoy the personalized attention we lavish on them 24 hours a day. We are always a step ahead of the employment industry and miles ahead of the competition.


Our clients enjoy the personalized attention we lavish on them 24 hours a day. We creatively solve our clients’ employment needs with last-minute emergency staffing, long-term customized recruitment plans, and everything in between. AMP is always a step ahead of the employment industry and miles ahead of the competition.

AMP’s family-owned values are evident everywhere you look. From the historic renovated homes where we work to the cookies baked fresh daily in the dining room, our mission is to transform the employment process into a pleasantly surprising experience.

Hiring Options

Per Diem Our clients enjoy the ability to schedule our field staff one shift at a time to close staffing gaps in their internal schedules.

ContractClients are able to guarantee the same field staff member for eight and thirteen-week contract periods.

Temp to Hire- Our clients may hire our field staff on permanently after completing a minimum contract period.

Direct Hire Clients are able to hire our experienced field staff directly ontotheir payroll through our executive search program.

Standards of Excellence

We gained our excellent reputation in the staffing industry the old-fashioned way…

We earned it.

We have integrity.

We do what we say we are going to do. Every time.

We set high standards for ourselves and for our staff, and we never compromise them. Because we believe it takes more than a warm body to be a great employee.

We recruit, pre-screen, personally interview, background check, credential check and provide in-depth orientations on all field staff, so hiring managers have the peace of mind that their supplemental staff is professionally qualified.

Our scheduling is professional and efficient, but always friendly. 

Because it doesn’t take any extra time to be nice.

We follow up.

And then we follow up again.

Our communication is constant.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day with a real live person.


Ohio WebCheck

American Medical Personnel is an authorized agency for the State of Ohio to perform BCI & FBI WebCheck electronic fingerprint services.

Call us at 330.433.1080 for more information and group pricing.

Cool Stuff

24 Hour On Call

Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day with a real live person to ensure the most personalized service.

Fresh Baked Cookies Daily

We bake fresh cookies every morning for anyone who visits.

And yes, for clients who call ahead…we deliver.

Company Parties

All clients and employees are invited to celebrate with us at our annual parties, so watch for your invitation to the annual Summer Picnic, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Feast Christmas Dinner and more. Because sometimes we just need to unwind.

Driver/Chauffeur Service

Sometimes, the car just won’t go at all. We hire Drivers to transport employees to their scheduled shifts.

Free Roadside Assistance

Life happens… so we offer free Roadside Assistance to our employees encountering car trouble either to or from work.

Healthcare Luncheons

We sponsor monthly luncheons for select clients because we know how hard it can be to leave the office…but everyone still needs to eat.

Mobile Recruiters

Our Mobile Recruiters travel throughout northeast and central Ohio to hire and orient new employees, allowing us to hire more healthcare staff for our clients.



+- Where do you find your employees?

We meet most of our new hires from referrals from our existing field staff. We also pursue aggressive recruiting campaigns that include multi-media, advertising, recruiting parties and mobile recruiting luncheons.

+- Aren't your employees "temp"?

Don’t let the owner hear you say that word. We don’t hire temps. AMP hires people. Good People. And a good many of those people have been with us since we opened. We keep our employees happy by treating them with respect and continually offering them new opportunities.

+- What kind of background checks do you do?

Our credentialing process is vigorous and includes verification of employment history, licensure, BCI/FBI Fingerprint WebCheck, verification of innoculations and OSHA and HIPPA in-services.

+- How do you schedule your field staff?

Although our online database keeps track of our field staff’s availability, we personally call each person to confirm that something didn’t come up…like a last minute soccer practice. Then we call our client back to re-confirm the shift.  It takes a little longer, but it works like magic in cutting down on call-offs. 

+- What do you do if somebody calls off?

We know that sometimes call-offs happen and are prepared for them. We have replacements on standby, special last-minute incentives, free roadside assistance, drivers, and more. Gas cards and pay incentives are really popular as well.

+- What if we like an employee, can we request that person again?

Absolutely! We encourage it. AMP will always honor special requests by clients. Continuity is the key to a skillfully run facility. We also give bonuses to employees that receive great compliments, so feel free to pick up the phone and share that good news with us.

+- What if we really like an employee, can we hire them?

Of course you can. At AMP, we love to make good matches. We’ll structure a customized hiring plan for your facility that allows you to hire your favorite employees at a price that will make your Administrator smile.

+- How can I get started?

Call us today at 330.433.1080.  Our friendly staff is ready to help with your scheduling needs.